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Steve Lowell, CSP - Committed to Helping You Stand Out

Steve Lowell is an international professional speaker and a mentor to professional speakers and entrepreneurs around the world. 

 He has the distinction of being one of less than 15% of the world's professional speakers to hold the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation conferred by the National Speakers Association in the United States.  This is the professional speaking world’s highest designation.

 Steve is an expert as helping entrepreneurs monetize their message by leveraging the power of the spoken word.

If you're a successful financial advisor, coach, speaker, consultant or professional services provider who wants to scale your business or make a much bigger impact without spending more time or money on marketing, then let's talk!


In a crowded market where your prospects think all solution providers look and sound the same, you'll stand out in the eyes of your highest-value prospects. Simply by changing the way you speak about yourself and your business, you'll position yourself as being different from everyone else who does what you do.


We help successful financial advisors, coaches, speakers, consultants and professional services providers to stand out as "THE ONE" by leveraging the power of the spoken word in a very specific way. I help you change the language that you use to focus less on solutions and more on the big problem your prospects didn't even know they had, and then position yourself as the only logical solution.


"I used the models Steve helped me develop with my first two prospects. They both bought which generated over $40,000 in business already!" - Phil Holland, "Love Your Business" Coach

"I exceeded my sales goals by 150% after working with Steve" - Diana Lidstone, The Entrepreneurs' GPS (Business Coach)

"Within one month of working with Steve, I closed a 5-figure contract for consulting" - Sylvia Plester-Silk, Professional Speaker, Leadership and Communications Consultant

"I spoke for less than ten minutes and earned 4-times what I invested in Steve's training" - Gregory-Anne Cox, Marketing Strategist and Sales Coach

"Steve's training has made me over a quarter of a million dollars." - Matthew Britt, Co-Founder at Switch NRG Inc.


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