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For Over 20 Years I Struggled to Sell my Services, But Then I Discovered This...

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The Truth About Why Your Prospects Aren’t Buying: Everything you have learned about selling through speaking is DEAD WRONG!

If you’re tired of speaking (live or virtually) for free, if you’re struggling to generate viable leads or clients into your business when you speak, if you simply hate “selling” from the platform and if you have tried all the high-pressure, “Buy Now” hype that makes you feel like you need a shower afterwards; then you’re about to read the letter you have been waiting for all of your professional life!  Here’s why…

How a Hotel Manager Changed My Life

December, 2010...I’m walking down the hall in a convention centre where I was attending yet another networking event. As I was walking I couldn’t help but notice the extraordinary Christmas decorations.

I happened to run into the manager of the convention centre and I asked him …”Did YOU decorate this place?”. The manager told me that it wasn’t him who had decorated the building, it was a lady they hired.  He told me the lady’s name, and his next words changed my life forever! 

20 Years of Struggle

You see, at this point in my business I was struggling to stay afloat. I was working way too hard to find clients…constantly speaking for free and trying to come up with ways to sell my stuff from the stage just to pay the bills and often wondering if I would EVER make any real money! 

I was always stressed, always exhausted and always wondering…why can't I make sales when I speak? Why are so few people signing up to my workshops, my webinars or my seminars?  I see all the gurus doing it...why can't I?

By 2010 I was in the business 20 years...20 years of struggling to survive every single day! Even though I had taken all the training about sales techniques and selling from the stage...I was doing all of that, but it never felt good to me even though I truly believed in my skills and my service.

I Just HATED Selling!

I always knew that I had a gift when it came to coaching speakers.  I always knew that I could turn almost anyone into a transformational speaker if they let me try. But when it came time for me to make the offer to prospects or audiences, I just couldn't deliver the sales techniques like I had been just all felt so in-authentic and awkward to me.

It was so frustrating because I believed so much in my work.  I had such passion for helping people bring their expertise and their stories to the world and I had spent the last 20 years focussing on mastering my craft...I just couldn't figure out how to sell without all the tricks, gimmicks and pressure tactics.

Oh...I tried them all! I even got pretty good at it for a while...but it always felt like I was violating my own principles every time I wen through the whole sales pitch routine.

Do you ever feel like that? 

Do you ever feel like there must be an easier way to sell authentically and without all the hype?  

I Learned All the Techniques, and Still Couldn't Sell

I know exactly how you feel... You KNOW you're an expert at what you do.  You KNOW your work is great and you KNOW your reputation is outstanding, but still…you’re just not getting the fees you deserve, the referrals you deserve of the success you deserve, right?

When I wasn’t out there at some networking event, I was in front of my computer trying to come up with something that someone would buy because I KNEW that my content was awesome and I knew that I could change lives…but even then…selling it was difficult for me.

I thought that if I just put out another video, or another webinar, workshop, seminar or write a new book someone, somewhere is going to sign up to something and I wouldn't have to go through the whole high-pressure sales thing.

I was working 18 hours a day, seven days a week getting nowhere...It was exhausting!

I kept thinking to myself…maybe I’m really not cut out for this.  Maybe this isn’t what I should be doing. Maybe I just haven’t got what it takes…maybe I should just go and get a J O B.

The Magic Words that Changed My Life Forever

After the manager of that convention centre told me the lady’s name, the one who did the Christmas decorations…he said this… she’s the VERY best. She’s REALLY expensive. IF you can even get her!  

When I heard those words, I thought to myself…”that’s what I want people saying about me!” 

He’s the VERY best…he’s REALLY expensive…IF you can even get him! 

But who was I kidding…as hard as I was working, very few people were really buying my stuff…how would I ever reach that level of status and reputation if I couldn't sell very well?

My Big Money Message Changed Everything

That was December of 2010. 

Now, I travel and speak all over the world.  I have a 7-figure global speaking and training business with my wife Jayne, whom I met along the way.

I have been the national president of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. 

I’m one of fewer than 5% of professional speakers in the entire world to hold the Certified Speaking Professional designation and I’m the Vice-President of the Global Speakers Federation representing more than 56,000 professional speakers in over 15 countries around the world.  Now, I am generally regarded as the speaking mentor of choice for professional and aspiring speakers around the world. 

My fees are more than fifty-times what they were in 2010 and instead of trying to compete for clients, I turn away those who are not yet ready for my mentorship.

Now...6 Figures is Common...with NO Sales Pitch

I speak all over the world, I hardly ever make an offer from the stage and yet, making 6 figures from a single presentation is common.  Now, I hardly ever charge a speaking fee...I make FAR more from "back of the room sales" and I never have to do a single thing that feels like a sales pitch.

Sure, I make a simple offer now and then, but I never have to apply any of those high-pressure sales tactics that you and I both struggle with so much.

If you were to ask those who know me, they would tell you… He’s the best… He’s really expensive…If you can even get him! 

Why am I Telling You All This?

I don’t tell you this to brag or impress you.  I tell you this to impress UPON you the power of what you’ll learn in the this online course! It's the power of Your Big Money Message. 

If you want to finally stand out and get noticed for your expertise, earn more money, have FAR greater success in your business all without high-pressure sales tactics, then you're in the right place today.

Take The Pressure Out of Selling Your Stuff

You can sell so much easier when it's authentic and not contrived...that's what Your BIG MONEY ME$$AGE does for you!

Selling Your Products or Services Can Be Natural, Comfortable and Easy!

Instead of feeling uncomfortable and awkward trying to "sell", you'll be delivering only what you're passionate about.  You'll never again have to step out of your authentic self just to sell.

Instead of fumbling through delivering an offer and a sales pitch, you'll know exactly how to position yourself as, what I call "The One".  You'll be the only logical choice for your product or service and people will be coming to you.

Instead of relying on tricks, gimmicks and pressure tactics, you'll deliver a message that is so compelling that they will seek YOU out afterwards.

No More Competition

With your Big Money Message you'll stand out as THE ONE in your field. You'll be the only logical choice; a category of one!

No More Sales Pitch

Your Big Money Message will sell itself with no icky sales techniques that make you feel like you're pressuring people.

No Huge Investment

Your Big Money Message will cost you an itsy-bitsy fraction of what you can earn.  It will pay for itself thousands of times over!

Buyers Will Be Seeking YOU Out!

Make your competition irrelevant by positioning yourself as THE ONE...the only logical choice in your field!

Have Your Own, Unique Pitch-Free Presentation that Easily Converts Sales

Stop wasting your time and start finally getting paid what you're worth.

For Anyone Who Monetizes Their Expertise

Anyone who needs to stand out, get noticed and monetize their message through the spoken word. Whether it's from the stage, the front of the room or at the board room table, these techniques will help you sell more, by selling YOU more than selling your product or service.

Learn From a World-Class, Award-Winning Professional Speaker

50 Years on the Stage.
Thousands Trained.
Unmatched Results.

Steve Lowell has been on the live stage since the age of 6; that's over 50 years ago!

For the last 30 years he has been training speakers all over the world to become what he calls "Transformational Speakers".

A huge part of his business is teaching speakers and entrepreneurs how to monetize their message from the platform.

Even a Tiny, Free, Virtual Speaking Opportunity can Make You Big Bucks!

Majeed made more than $7,500 in just 20 minutes in his first FREE presentation using these techniques.


There Are TWO Online Courses that Make Up Your BIG MONEY MESSAGE Bundle. You Get it All!

Your Signature Talk

You'll use My "Killer Keynote Template" to create your own signature talk. With just this, you'll increase your influence power by ten fold!

Your "Expert Insights"

The unique wisdom that lies within each of us that typically goes overlooked. Add this to your Signature Talk and that's your Big Money Message

Signature Talk + Expert Insights =


I Want My BIG MONEY ME$$AGE Now Please!

It Pays For Itself Many Times Over...and FAST!

It took Gregory-Anne all of 12 MINUTES to earn her investment back...FOUR TIMES OVER in her first presentation using these techniques. And she paid A LOT More than you will!


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What's In The Course Bundle?

Everything you need to craft your Big Money Message!

There are two courses that make up Your Big Money Message:

  1. Crafting Your Expert Insights. Your expert insights form the foundation of your Big Money Message.  This is the part that makes you unique.  It's the hidden wisdom that only you possess and this course will show you how to package it up in a way that makes you stand out from everyone else in your field
  2. Your High-Impact Signature Message: This is your "Signature Talk".  This course will walk you through my "Killer Keynote Template" which has been proven all over the world over the past ten years.  You'll learn about story construction and delivery techniques.

Once you know what your "Expert Insights" are from the first course, and you combine them with your "Signature Talk" using the "Killer Keynote Template" from the second you have Your Big Money Message!

It's An Outstanding Learning Experience

At only half-way through the course, Dave has already been able to redesign his entire presentation to sell more.


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Anyone Can Do it!

If you have an expertise, a message to share or a story to tell and you want to monetize it, "Your Big Money Message" online course will show you how.

You Can Continue to Speak for Free, or You Can Make 6 Figures...Your Choice!

After learning these techniques, Cheryl earned 6 figures in her next event. YOU can do this too!


Whether You're Selling Books, Coaching and Consulting or High-Ticket Corporate Programs, Your BIG MONEY ME$$AGE will Pay Off HUGE!

Janet is a corporate E-Learning specialist. She sells high-ticket e-learning contracts to unions and large corporations. In her first free keynote using her Big Money Message with the "Killer Keynote Template", she closed one large deal and walked away with 30 additional qualified leads.


With her Big Money Message, Sandra sold more in one presentation than she had all year! "Books were FLYING" of the back table"


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