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Driven By Results, Backed By Experience

Tuesday, June 23 2020
8:30 AM to Noon EDT (GMT -4)

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If You're in the Financial Business

Financial planners, Insurance Professionals, Mortgage'll learn how to reposition yourself and your business to become the unmistakeable authority in your marketplace.

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If You're in the Coaching Business

Executive Coaches, Success Coaches, Marketing Coaches, Business'll discover how to make your competition irrelevant by crafting and monetizing your unique "Expert Insights."

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If You're in the Personal Development Business

Health Professionals, Spiritual Professionals, Mental Health Professionals...You'll find out how to position yourself above everyone else who does what you do so you can get more business easier

Who is the Wealthy Entrepreneurs Network (WEN Global)?

We help successful and forward thinking business owners elevate their success and attain financial freedom by showing them how to extract their own unique and compelling message in order to sell effectively and confidently.

We created The Deep Thought Strategy™.

This methodology helps you become the unmistakeable authority in your field by uncovering and monetizing your unique "expert insights".

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It a Virtual Experience Like No Other!

It's high-energy, high-quality and mostly, high-value from start to finish!  It's motivational, inspirational and educational.  Not only that, but it's LOADS of fun!

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Meet and Mingle with Our Wealthy Entrepreneurs Network (WEN Global) Members. 

There's even networking (YES...even at a virtual event!) and connecting at the WEN Global Virtual Experience. Meet with other WEN Global members, create partnerships and forge powerful alliances!

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Steve and Jayne Lowell

Steve and Jayne are the founders of the Wealthy Entrepreneurs Network (WEN Global).

Steve Lowell is an award-winning global speaker with over 35 years experience training entrepreneurs to monetize their message through the spoken word.  He's also the Vice-President of the Global Speakers Federation 

Jayne is a global professional speaker and is known around there world at "The 7-Figure Mindset Mentor".  After retiring from her 8-figure business in 2010 she embarked on her coaching career.

Together Steve and Jayne run a 7-figure global speaking and training business helping entrepreneurs build wealth through business success.

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Diana Lidstone

Best-selling author and professional Speaker, Diana is known as "The Entrepreneurs GPS".  She coaches ambitious, talented entrepreneurs who want To create lasting wealth & success.

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May 2020

Kevin Harrington

An original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank, the creator of the infomercial, pioneer of the As Seen on TV brand, and co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization—Kevin Harrington has pushed past all the questions and excuses to repeatedly enjoy 100X success.


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 April 2020

Brian Tracy

Legendary Business Guru and Global Professional Speaker.  Brian is the author of over seventy books that have been translated into dozens of languages. His popular books are Earn What You're Really Worth, Eat That Frog!, and The Psychology of Achievement.


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BONUS: 8:30 AM to 9 AM EDT - Live Networking Pods: Connect with our WEN Global Members and other guests! 
Guests Welcome

9AM to Noon

Re-position Your Small Business: How to Go from Obscurity to #1 in Any Economy With Your Own "Deep thought Strategy" with Steve Lowell

How Do You Overcome Adversity? Leverage the power that you have within to survive and thrive in any situation with Brandon Fong

How to Make Money in Real Estate: Leverage the Unique Opportunities that COVID-19 will reveal in the real estate investment world with Sunil Tulsiani

Become a Key Person of Influence: How to Become One of the Most Highly Valued and Highly Paid People in Your Industry with Kevin Harrington

What Are Your Environmental Values?: How to work according to your personal preferences and be most productive and successful with Linda P. Cousineau

Join Us as Our Guest
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1PM to 4 PM EDT
WEN Global Members Only

"Your Deep Thought Strategy Intensive" - How to make your competition irrelevant with Steve Lowell 

The 7-Figure Mindset Formula: How to Replace Old, Limiting Beliefs that Are Not Serving You with New, Empowering Beliefs that Will with Jayne Lowell (The 7-Figure Mindset Mentor)

Discover the secrets to overcoming any limiting belief and destructive pattern, even if you have no idea they exist. Learn how to establish an empowering the growth-oriented mindset and follow through with success-building action starting immediatly!

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