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Steve Lowell, CSP


Weekly Video Training

Each week you'll receive never-before published videos of Steve coaching speakers live on stage.  Each video shares critical lessons about speaking that will increase your impact, expand your influence and improve your income from the front of the room

Monthly Live Training Calls

Join Steve live on ZOOM each month for a group training call. Steve will answer your questions, provide hot new content and help you focus your learning on the areas that are most important to you!  All calls are recorded and you'll have access to the recordings at any time

Belong to a Global Community

Be a part of our global community through our private Facebook group.  You'll connect with other experts from around the world with whom you can share ideas, network, build relationships and establish valuable new contacts. This is an extremely high-value feature.

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Each Week You'll Discover Little Known, Highly Effective Techniques Including...

Platform Strategies

Body Language Secrets

Adding Humor to Your Talk

Story-Telling Techniques

Audience Engagement

How to Use Your Hands

How to Use Visuals

Message Construction

Here's an example of what you can expect

Each weekly lesson will contain a video or some other high-value content followed by a short quiz to test your knowledge.


Each Lesson is Followed with a short Quiz

Question #1:  What part of your body welcomes the audience into your world as a speaker?

A) Hands
B) Mid section
C) Face
D) Feet

Question #2: Clasped hands most often indicate what?

A) You are blocking the audience out
B) You are taking a position of strength
C) You are in a position of comfort

Question #3: What level of impact does your gesturing have on your message?

A) Major impact
B) Some Impact
C) No Impact

Question #4: The height at which you place your hands has no impact on the strength of your message.


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