Speakers Academy Online

An online training system for experts who monetize their message through the spoken word

Aspiring & Professional Speakers

Get more speaking gigs, higher speaking fees, more spin-off business and build a stronger, more profitable speaking empire.

Experts and Entrepreneurs

Be visible, be recognized as the expert & be chosen over your competition by claiming your space as the leader in your field.

Leaders & Executives

Increase your influence and presence through high-impact executive speaking and personal leadership positioning techniques

Craft and Deliver a Killer Signature Talk

Using the "Killer Keynote Template" you'll be able to design powerful, compelling and inspirational talks any time you need to. Create your own signature talk or create many talks, all with this easy and duplicable system.

Generate Massive Revenues From the Front of the Room

Position yourself as the known expert in your field using a very specific process called "Expert Insights". Discover how to monetize your expertise at an entirely new level using a specific tactical approach.

Position Yourself the Known Expert and Leader in Your Field

Mine your experience and expertise and find the "uncommon" sense that makes you stand out, get noticed and be chosen above your competition. Change the way to speak about yourself and your business and others will take notice.

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